Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson logo

Created by:

Jonathan C. Meeks

Directed by:

Windows Movie Maker


Jason Ritter

Grey Delisle

Matt L. Jones

Jonathan C. Meeks

Animated with:

MS Paint (Character Design and Background Design)

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 (Animation)

Softwares used:

Sound Recorder or Audacity (Voice Recording)

Windows Movie Maker (Directing & putting audio on.)

Adobe After Effects (Video Editing)

Audacity (Audio Editing)

Recording time:

22 minutes (two 11 minute episodes)

Theme song composer:

Jonathan C. Meeks


Jonathan C. Meeks

Music by:

Kevin Macleod

Guy Moon

Original airdate:

June 25, 2011 - April 6, 2013

Alex Jackson is an comedy animated series created by: Jonathan C. Meeks.


A ordinary 12-year old boy named Alex, who lives at BucketTown, was nervous about some problems happened to his school, home and other places, so he faces his nerves with others, and fixing the troubles that happened.


Alex Jackson - An ordinary twelve year old pre-teen who has crazy and funny adventures on his town BucketTown.

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Favorite Food: Hot Dog, Hamburger, Pizza

Favorite Drink: Diet Cola

Favorite Snack: some of chips and candy.

Favorite TV Show: Let's Play That Game!

Favorite Video Game: Terror of The Human-Sized Bats!

Voiced by: Jonathan C. Meeks (Season 1), Jason Ritter (Season 2)


Meeks drawned a picture of him, but decided to make it someone else that is fictional, so it give him a idea, that made him keep the idea for two years and decided to make a series.