This is a show about three average boys, Daniel Daniels, Steven Stevens, and Micheal Micheals find out that their family belongs to the secret agent organization, the A.W.E.M.G.O. (Agency Where Exciting Mission Go On). They battle evil villains such as Human Fish and Fungi Freak, all with the help of An Awesomegirl and the spy car, The AGENT-C (A Gentle Exciting Notably Tricky-to-Control Car).


Season 1Edit

Stunning StumblingEdit

After stumbling upon a secret hideout, the parents of Daniel, Steven, and Micheal tell them the secret that their family belongs to a secret agent company, and they are new recruits.

A Fishy Confontation Edit

After only a few days of traing, the three friends are assigned to a case of someone mysteriously disappearing in a pool. The clues lead to a mega mutational villain.

A Journey of a Thousaund Mildews Starts With One StepEdit

Now that Daniel has been upconverted to "Apprentice Agent", him along with An Awesomegirl, fight the mysterious Fungi Freak, a dirty, disgusting villian that works with mutant mildew and mold monsters.

Journey to the Center of the Birthday Edit

On Human Fish's birthday, he goes into a mining cave and traps himself in the center of the earth. Reluctantly, the spies have to save him to get his crucial information on a weopon that he is planning to use on the Agency HQ.

An Awesomegirl Does Something UnawesomeEdit

Finnaly, after two months of traning, Steven and Micheal become "Apprentice Agents" taught by An, but when An gets trapped by a new villian, The Shifter, the Shifter shape-shifts into her and tells Steven and Micheal false information about the agency skills.

Sarcasm and ShoweringEdit

When going to the Agency Shower goes tottaly wrong, Micheal gets cursed with evilness, but his only power is sarcasm. But there is one problem: his sarcasm gets a long way.

Video ShameEdit

When Steven gets his one day off of the month, he spends it playing video games. What he doesn't know is what he is controlling in the game actually happens somewhere else. (Example: When Steven sends a missle to the villian of the game, a missle actually gets shot towards an innocent city.)